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The use of rosary in all religions and cultures is known from past to present. The most important reason for this is that these products appeal to the spiritual aspects of people. However, prayer beads are not products that are used only for spiritual relaxation. Especially in the period we are in, many people collect prayer beads and see prayer beads as a hobby and accessory. Rosary models produced in this sense are designed for almost every taste and style.

Tan Tesbih designs quality products with precious stones and skillful workmanship, taking into account the needs of rosary users. Our brand, which started its journey in the sector in a 10 square meter basement workshop; Today, it has become a world giant preferred by famous actors, politicians and even Arab Emirs.

The Manufacturer of Master Workmanship Rosary Models "Tan Tesbih"

Rosaries are products that are especially good for stress-induced ailments. In this sense, people who work in stressful jobs or have problematic relationships are recommended to use a rosary. In addition, these accessories, which have a special place among men's gift varieties, are among the most beautiful products that can be gifted on special occasions.

Today, there are many models made of precious stones among collectible rosaries. Among them, amber rosary models have a special place. This product, which has models such as squeezed amber rosary, drop amber rosary, yellow amber rosary and fire amber rosary, is among the most popular prayer beads for collectors.

Oltu prayer beads are among the other models we offer for users as Tan Tesbih. Oltu stone, which is extracted from Erzurum and is an easily processed stone due to its structure, is also referred to as "Black Amber" by the people of Erzurum. Silver rosary and kuka rosary are also among our products that we manufacture using skillful workmanship and quality materials.

Tan Tesbih; It is a brand that has undertaken the official sponsorship of famous TV series such as "Sen Anlat Karadeniz" and "Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz" and has proven itself as the export champion in the rosary sector. If you want to add new rosaries to your collection or present a quality rosary made of precious stones to your loved ones, you can get information about the rosary prices on and buy the one that suits your budget.